8 Best Practices for SEO to Use in 2023

8 Best Practices for SEO to Use in 2023

You should always make sure that your SEO techniques are in accordance with the most recent best SEO practices because online competition is only increasing. With the development of digital marketing, new and improved approaches have emerged. While well-implemented SEO tactics and practical measures are not rocket science, you must stay up to date on best practices in SEO to differentiate yourself from the competition and rank better in Google.

Even SEO pros constantly invest a decent amount of time in researching new SEO strategies to raise their search engine ranking. Since it seems that the SEO market is always changing, staying up to date and making sure you adhere to the most recent SEO best practices will help you outperform your rivals.

Let’s take a look at the essential search engine optimization strategies that you have to be employing right now in order to stay current and practice proper SEO.

Best Practices for SEO

This list might have included more items; for a 30-item list, see this SEO checklist. However, I choose to concentrate on the top 11 items for today.

Starting off, let’s concentrate on some of the more recent algorithm updates and Google features.

Make Your Website Google Discover-friendly

For users of mobile phones, Google Discover is a feed that shows up on the search engine’s home page. It improvises user search behaviours to comprehend their preferences and areas of interest. Based on their choices and interests, it shows users the best possible search results.

It will continue to be a crucial SEO tactic in 2022. By making your website Google Discover-friendly, you may connect with millions of prospective customers and significantly boost website traffic. The following are some tips for making your website Google Discover-friendly:

It should go without saying that the website’s content quality should be improved.
Google encourages employing high-quality images, so focus your attention there.
Use videos that are high-quality and suited for the web; video is the algorithm’s game-changer, and Google Discover is no exception.
Because it’s crucial to have a mobile-friendly website, prepare it for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Featured snippets

As part of your marketing plan for 2023, you should work to raise your highlighted snippet search engine rankings as they frequently show up at the top of search query results pages as seen above. Google snippets provide a better resolution to the user’s query. The highlighted snippets get more attention and click from individuals, which helps organic searches. Featured snippets might attract plenty of visitors to your website.

Here are some pointers for highlighted snippet optimization.

Conduct suitable keyword research and concentrate on search inquiries that ask questions.
Look through the responses in the “People Also Asked” section for ideas on what to write about.
To land fragments, use the inverted pyramid design.
Follow the ideal word count for featured snippets, which is 40–50 words.
Last but not least, including a section for questions and answers on your website is also a good idea.

Concentrate on the Core Web Vitals

The key web essentials keep your website’s user experience at a high level. One of the fundamental SEO techniques to concentrate on in 2023 is this one. According to rumours, Google will release an algorithm to maintain the quality of the user experience in November 2022.

  • A) Biggest expressive paint (BEP)
    It gauges how quickly a website page loads. It indicates how long it takes for a website’s content to load. Google views page speed as a crucial component of the user experience.

Your website’s loading speed is affected by the large and complex graphics, illustrations, and themes that you utilize. Your website design must have lighter components. Before employing photos on your website, you may compress them using makeshift image compression tools.

  • B) Initial input lag (IIL)
    The initial input delay is the amount of time it takes for the user to see the input-receiving parts of your website, such as a scroll or a lead form.

User experience is ruined by the inconvenience visitors encounter while waiting for input-receiving parts of a website to load. Consider responsive themes with simpler theme components, or enlist the help of a qualified web developer to help you with this problem.

  • C) Cumulative layout change (CLC)
    The unstable nature of the website’s components is referred to as a cumulative layout shift. The user experience can suffer as a result. Some website owners take use of it to deceive visitors into clicking spam links so they may direct them via lead or sales funnels.

If you detect any layout changes on any of the pages of your website, you must inform your developers.

BERT Algorithm 

Google’s new BERT algorithm will affect about 10% of search searches. It implies that you should pay attention to SEO tactics and begin making improvements right away. By making these adjustments, the blog post or article will appear at the top of search results. BERT focuses on the user intent before locating the pertinent sites, demonstrating the capability of artificial intelligence. When employing this approach to increase readability or accessibility, refining your content will affect your SEO results because this AI-driven technique concentrates on ideas rather than specific words.

How can your website be made BERT-optimized?

because it was the most significant change in the previous five years. According to the BERT algorithm, the material should always be crafted to address the user’s goal. So have the following in mind while you write brief and concise material

Avoid using grandiose, pointless, or flowery language. Give as simple of an answer as possible to fulfil the search criteria. Create material that is educational and beneficial. Focus on On-Page SEO This entails paying attention to the URL structure, H1 tag, title, and meta description.

Make use of plain language

Use plain language to make it easier for others to grasp since not everyone has the same level of English comprehension. Additionally, it entails writing after determining your audience.

The other components are what I would consider being more evergreen SEO strategies that you should have been concentrating on from the beginning but are now more crucial than ever.

Content’s Worth

Create the material in accordance with the users’ search objectives. The search engine’s ultimate purpose is to quench consumers’ search hunger. Your website will be ranked higher in the search results by simply optimizing the keywords, articles, photos, and backlinks in accordance with user intent. Your website should be user-friendly, appealing, informative, and commercial.

Greater traffic and visitor numbers as well as higher conversion rates are all results of high-quality content. To draw in your readers, you must write material that is compelling. Make sure readers like reading your stuff. For that, you must write with enjoyment while keeping in mind your objectives and the search intent. While taking into consideration all of these factors may not produce immediate results, they will have a favourable impact and can improve SEO.

Long Tail Keyword Phrases

With each version, it releases, Google develops increasingly sophisticated features. Google now recognizes that there are related terms, perhaps including one or more additional keywords, that pertain to a search for a suitable vacuum cleaner. Long-tail keywords with more than three words can help your domain rank first in Google, despite the fact that short keywords are undoubtedly more competitive. In 2023, targeting long-tail keywords will be a method of updating your keyword strategy. It can assist you in optimizing a specific article or web page. You must produce high-quality, compelling content that satisfies user demands in order to guarantee that your content with the long-tail keyword ranks.

If you need some tips, look at your SEO tools or even Google Search Console to see what people are looking for to discover you for some ideas.

Useful Meta Tag Headlines and Descriptions

Meta titles and meta descriptions are the tags used to properly convey the objective of your web page. It allows you to explain a web page’s contents to both users and search engine robots. These assist visitors in learning both directly and indirectly about your content and business operations.

Produce Strong and Reliable Backlinks

Link building is still one of the important aspects that Google and other search engines use when deciding how to rank content. It serves as a reference point via which Google evaluates your content’s quality and places it at the top of the search results. High-quality backlinks will be quite important in 2022. Building quality links to your website from other websites with proven credible authority and trustworthiness in their specialised sectors is nowadays a need for having a successful SEO strategy.

Here is a helpful manual for creating strong backlinks:

Establish relationships with other companies in your niche and contact various webmasters to request backlinks to your website.

As a further traffic source, create links from reliable directory websites.

Create some eye-catching infographics and include a link to the content’s source. Additionally, you can include an embed code so that others may use your infographic and link back to it on their website.

Post related guest posts on other blogs

Find fresh backlink chances by conducting a competitive study to determine where your rivals have links pointing to them.

Engage seasoned bloggers in your niche who may already be contributing as guests to the website you are seeking.

Numerous bloggers make a profession by posting evaluations of various goods and services. In order to increase targeted traffic to your website, ask some seasoned bloggers to write evaluations of your material and include a link to your promotional content.

Make an effort to create material that readers will be interested in reading. But remember to adhere to the pertinent Google Webmaster Guidelines.



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