What is SEO and why should I care?

What is Seo

What is SEO and why should I care?

Search engine optimisation is essential in the world of e-commerce. If you really want your business to succeed in the online world you need to have your site designed around the algorithms that run it. Search engine optimisation is how website designers affect how search engines see your site. Through this, SEO services can push your site higher up in the search results, meaning more customers for you. With SEO, you don’t have to search for “YouTube” to get the media platform, you can search for “broadcast yourself” or “video-sharing platform” and YouTube will come up in the results. Simply put, without proper SEO, your site will not get the attention it deserves.

SEO services help with location-based services. When someone searches for a service, take fast food, for example, if your business is located close to the person searching, it’ll be more likely to show up. However, it’s not as easy as that. Without proper SEO that’s focused on helping you in your area, other businesses will show up well before yours will. Knowing your area is paramount when dealing with SEO, that’s why Teksyte is focused on London based services. By focusing efforts on London, Tekstye’s able to provide a much better and more precise SEO service that works better with London’s dynamic and wide market. Now, these aren’t buzzwords, knowing the area that you’re trying to optimise for is essential if you want to really promote your business online.

Another important aspect of SEO is social media. Your business needs a presence on social media if you really want to get ahead. Think of all the big brands that use social media to their advantage, Wendy’s is a prime example of this, we’ve all seen their fantastic Twitter account, which given the restaurant is American even reaches over here, showing the popularity of good social media accounts. The reason I talk about this is that SEO services include social channel verification. This is in essence the blue checkmark that appears next to verified accounts on Twitter, Facebook and other social media services, showing the public that this is the official and verified account. This symbol represents the official nature of the account you’re looking at and it’s something all business social media accounts should want. SEO services like that provided by Teksyte can help you get just that.

SEO services like Teksyte help grow your visibility online, without having an extortionate cost that hinders you more than helps. SEO services are a cheap and effective way of advertising your business. Other models of advertising like Pay-Per-click or PPC are expensive and don’t always get the audience you want, whereas SEO does. There’s no way you can go wrong! If you want to target your company’s marketing campaigns in the right direction, giving focus and drive to help you promote the online side of your business then you need SEO.



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